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closed How to apply for private bank job recruitments.

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I am looking to apply for private bank jobs.I wish to work in a leading private sector bank

Tell me the procedure for apply to private bank recruitments
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It is surprising to see someone looking for jobs in private banks because many graduates aspire for govt. bank jobs only.

Unlike ibps common exams for jobs in govt. banks, private bank don’t have a common exam process.

Each bank conducts its own recruitment process that may include a written test to test your aptitude, group discussion & personal interviews.

See below for details on how India`s top private banks are recruiting their employees:

ICICI Bank: The ICICI bank for the past many years is recruiting through “ICICI Bank PO recruitment programme’ in partnership with Manipal university.Read ICICI Bank PO recruitment reviews

Candidates are selected through a 3 step process mentioned above after which they have to enroll for a 1 year PG diploma course in banking & finance that is conducted at ICICI Manipal academy, Bangalore.

On successful completion of the course, they are appointed as Officers in ICICI bank itself.

Axis Bank: A selection process similar to ICICI Bank is in place here too.Its called the ‘Axis Bank Young bankers program’.Details on it can be acceccesd from their dedicated webpage here

HDFC Bank: This is one private bank that lists all its vacancies & locations available on its portal here.

Anyone who fits the eligibility criteria are free to submit their applications.If the bank feels that you fit the job description, you may be called for a personal interview at any of their branches.

Mostly, all private banks post vacancies & announce recruitments on their respective websites.So visit their websites regularly to keep track of private bank jobs.

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