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what is the use of BSc-IT in banking sector

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asked by anonymous
If this question is in bank PO interview then what will be the best answer?/

1 Answer

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answered by manager (1,753 points)

If you are asked, why did you choose bank jobs after Bsc. IT or BE, then you may tell the following answer:

Sir/Mam, Nowadays in all banks there is usage of computers & internet.Everything about the computer is stored in systems so any customer can access their details from any of the branch located across India.

Since i am a computer science student, I have good working knoweldge in computer operations.So i will be able to complete the work within a short span of time.Since we were also taught about basic computer hardware, i can fix common hardware issues that may happen in computer saving time for the bank & the customer.

The interview panel very well knows that since there are not many jobs avaiable in other sectors, BE & BSc graduates are applying for bank jobs.

But they want to know how much do you know about the banking sector.That is the reason why they are asking this question.

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